It seems to me that as far back as I can remember I was aware of the change in moods around me, which probably put me in a state of vigilance. As a young adult just emerging from adolescence, my passions turned to movement and spirituality. In my personal development, I attended several seminars and practiced yoga, meditation, Alexander Technique, and modern dance.

At the age of 18 at a YMCA, I took my first massage course. Thanks to my teacher Gill Orendorff who encouraged me to continue this path. From there, I trained in reflexology at the Canadian College of Natural Healing in Ottawa. I continued my studies in massage therapy in Montreal at the Institut de thérapies corporelles with a specialty in polarity and another in shiatsu at the school of Yuki Rioux. I graduated successfully in 1984.

In 1982, I gave birth to my first child and the other two followed. These small great masters have taught me much about the relationship with others, the vital need to feel safe to forge ahead in life and have self-esteem.

Also at that time I co-founded a massage therapy clinic. During these years, I gave several workshops in stress management, in massage. My clientele was composed mainly of people who had musculoskeletal problems and suffered from anxiety.

In 1998, I trained in Gymnastique sur Table (also known as Fitness Table TCP) with Thérèse Cadrin Petit in Montreal, a postural training method. Since then, I have taught this method in groups and in private sessions.

As it is clear that more and more people are strained by their physical and emotional tensions, I became interested in the impact of stress on breathing. That was when I met Benoit Tremblay, respiratory therapist, integrated relaxation et respiratory re-education (relaxation et rééducation respiratoire intégrée), with whom I have been in continuous training since 2012.

At the same time, my research also led me to Dr. Svetlana Masgutova with whom I studied the integration of dynamic and postural, tactile, neuro-structural and breathing reflexes.

In my practice, I now help people to become aware of their tensions and to release them to find joy of life and inner peace.

Since 2019, Gabriel Genest, Marie-Nicole Lamoureux and I, all experienced therapists trained in Masgutova neuro-sensory-motor integration, have joined forces to offer reflex integration care under the name Ensemble réflexe.

Line Prince