Reflex integration

Primary reflex integration (according to the Masgutova Method)

  • Protects: Regulation of survival mechanisms after a physical of psychic trauma.
  • Educates: Path to an adequate motor connection.
  • Gives: Reliability, resilience, tranquility in mind and body.
  • Integrates: Return to the natural movement patterns to reconnect or build new neural pathways.

The mechanism of stress

It is important to remember that the brain stores information from past experiences (happy and unhappy events, physical and psychological traumas). Usually, these experiences are integrated, but some more prominent ones are kept as memory in our emotional brain. These memories can be revived in certain everyday situations. For example, I am at work and my colleague is abrupt with me and I react as if my life was in danger (flee or freeze).

In such situations, a whole process is triggered while the chemicals needed to fight the danger are released through the body. If these chain reactions are triggered too often, as in chronic stress, it depletes our organism.

This is the reason why among others, it is important to integrate the primary reflexes by exercises geared toward stimulating reflex models to channel brain stem anchors for a positive survival and a transition to a safe and healthy experience, here and now. Moreover, their role is essential in the regulation of stress hormones (cortisol, adrenaline, etc.).

Who can benefit from this work

At any age (infant, child, adult), we can replicate missed stages of development by returning to the natural movement patterns to reorganize the reflexes or build new neural pathways.

Reasons for failure to emerge or integrate reflexes

  • physical or psychological trauma
  • heredity
  • disease
  • physical accident
  • surgery
  • difficult or premature birth

Individual sessions

Contact me for more information and to make an appointment to:

  • Understand respiratory mechanics
  • Observe how you breathe in a neutral manner
  • Evaluate your tensions and primary reflexes
  • Stimulate by simple gentle manipulations, pressure and exercises with passive or active participation
  • Consolidate the treatment with simple exercises at home
  • Regain natural breathing and joy of life

The frequency of appointments and the number of sessions is to be determined individually. A receipt can be issued for insurance purposes.

New location and sanitary measures

As of June 15th, 2020, private consultations will resume at my new location at 221 Freeman Road in Gatineau. There is parking on site.

Please be assured that sanitary measures will be applied to ensure the health of all. At your first appointment, I will send you the protocol to follow.

I look forward to accompanying you,

Finding the balance

The current situation is putting an enormous strain on our nervous system and is increasing our stress level. It is important to re-establish the right connections in your nervous system in order to regain inner security, restful sleep, good concentration, joie de vivre and thus have a good capacity to adapt to changes.

To accompany you, I offer two individual sessions in the same week: one of two hours at my new studio and another one of one hour online via the zoom platform.

Sequence of events

Both the first hour in person and the online session are intended to be active. The exercises are divided into 6 parts.

  1. move out of the re-action into action
  2. active your breathing = strength
  3. regulate protection and survival
  4. strengthen immunity
  5. stabilize your body and be flexible
  6. keep open to enthusiasm and joy

These exercises were developed by Dr. Masgutova specifically for this pandemic. Here is an overview.

The second hour in person is devoted to a treatment on the table for better integration in your nervous system.

Cost: $250, taxes included
If you have monetary constraints, don't hesitate to talk to me about it.

Visit the website to learn more about this method.