Breathing and relaxation

Integrated relaxation and respiratory re-education

Our tensions prevent our body from settling in its centre of gravity. If we spend most of our time compensating, our breathing becomes increasingly laboured and reduced. Understanding and undertaking respiratory re-education helps to free the breath and as a result live in joy and peace.

Remember that:

  • Breathing is our first reflex of life.
  • Breathing is essential to our vital functions (beating of the heart, digestion, movement, etc.)
  • Breathing adjusts to our physical and emotional states.
  • Respiratory amplitude is freed if we are in our centre of gravity.

It is important to:

  • Recognize good stress from distress (chronic stress)
  • Take seriously the body’s signals
  • Act by finding means and help

Individual sessions

Contact me for more information and to make an appointment to:

  • Understand respiratory mechanics
  • Observe how you breathe in a neutral manner
  • Evaluate your tensions and your primary reflexes
  • Stimulate by simple gentle manipulations, pressure and exercises with passive or active participation
  • Consolidate the treatment with simple exercises at home
  • Recover a natural breathing and a joy of life

The frequency of appointments and the number of sessions is to be determined individually. A receipt can be issued for insurance purposes.

Breathing, the key

Treat yourself to 3 one-hour private lessons to:

  • Understand the respiratory mechanism and find the tensions that prevent you from breathing properly.
  • Get treatments to work on your tensions and learn exercises to help drop them and breathe more naturally.

Consult the website of Benoît Tremblay, respiratory therapist (éducateur de la santé respiratoire), PneumaCorps, to learn more about integrated relaxation and respiratory re-education (relaxation et rééducation respiratoire intégrée): In French only.